Marcus Hiles Discusses Rental Developments Near Town Centers

Marcus Hiles noted that as millennials seek more room than they can afford in the city, empty nesters look to downsize and minimize upkeep, and recent college graduates search for their first residence, developers have had to react to shifts in the market. This has resulted in the suburbs becoming decidedly more urban. Former New York City resident Rima Chodha, who recently moved to a townhome in nearby Huntington Station, stated in the New York Times, “What makes us happy is a small, functional, modern space along with a community and amenities that provide the quality of life we’ve become accustomed to while living in the city.” Apartments and townhomes are now commonly seen near town centers, within walking distance of restaurants, pubs, clubs, shops, schools, biking paths and train stations. These modern multifamily residences allow tenants to retain a semblance of a city life, with the added amenities of landscaping and maintenance services, walking trails, dog parks, gyms, business centers, and spas.

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