Marcus Hiles aims to give back to his community and puts it into action

Marcus Hiles had always a passion about giving back to the community and this referred to the people of Texas. The best part is that he is able to do this as he owns his real estate business in the name Western Rim Property Services. He has seen great success in this business and has constructed more than 7500 properties. Marcus Hiles from his young age realized the fact that success does not come easily and it required hard work to put into action. Though he belonged to a middle class family he had a strong vision. An inner city minister raised him and taught him good morals. He also developed strong work ethics and understood the value of education. Thus he went to school, completed at Rice University his Bachelors degree and at Pepperdine University he did Business Administration as his Masters.

Giving back to community

Marcus Hiles was a very responsible citizen and at the age of 28 he founded the Western Rim Property Services, a real estate company. He moved to Texas that was the roots for him. He wished to give this community of Texas a lot of support as he acquired a lot from here and is now successful. He felt bound by responsibility and wished to provide even the working families with best housing. Marcus Hiles Gives Back to His Community via Western Rim Property Services. He strongly believed that homes that offered luxurious lifestyles should be available even to ordinary working families and so made it available at affordable price. He built residences in areas that had jobs and schools so that it is suitable for the working families.

Initially, as he began with this proposed plan it was not easy. There was lots of struggle, but he was firm with his decision. This is the reason he could survive even the recession and low economy periods. However, with his dedication and hard work, he managed all the properties and his company saw success. At this point, he saw things in a new way and started involving into philanthropy. He has donated huge amounts to inner schools and non-profit organizations.

Value houses

Marcus Hiles focused on providing value houses for his customers. Thus, his aim was to offer quality houses at affordable prices. Western Rim Property Services in Dallas – Hiles Success Story is now the most sought after as it offers low price and high quality amenities.

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